YOU CAN DO THIS! Belief is Motivation

The big wall between you and being healthier is Motivation. It’s not a secret that everyone that wants to live a full life should make being healthy a priority. You are aware of the many reasons that getting healthy is positive for you, check out some of my older posts for more information. the tricky thing about making it work for you is Motivation.  The major element that holds us back from getting healthy and maintaining consistency is MOTIVATION.


I mean when it comes down to the very bottom line, if you want your body to be healthy, move better, and feel better, you just have to do it.  Just like you go to work, clean your bathroom, get oil changes on your car. Its your task 3 days/week. It goes on your list, on your schedule, you prepare for it, and you accomplish that task! Yeah me!

Completing a task on your schedule is Motivation! We feel good when we accomplish things, whether we want to do them or not.

Oftentimes this is not enough, we often need to add some motivation factors that are more immediate and help us feel good.  We know that the weight loss and strength gains are not going to happen overnight, in the meantime you have to consider what is going to Motivate You to keep going?

Think about it, why do people hire a trainer? Do you need the trainer to schedule your exercise, Do you need the trainer to workout at a gym, Do you need the trainer to tell you to eat healthy? Most likely no.

Trainers are valuable because they give you the MOTIVATION.

You have a buddy, you have a coach – which frees up your time from making good workout and nutrition plans and helps you ensure you can avoid injury.

You do have or had an injury and need safe, productive exercises.

You have someone to keep you accountable, to tell you to keep going, keep track of your workouts, which frees up your focus.

You can have someone cheering you on, telling you YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Look at even the best of athletes, models, etc. they still have high quality trainers because many people lack  the personal discipline necessary to be consistent. It’s not personal, it’s not just you.  It’s not easy to rearrange your schedule, drag yourself to the gym on a gallon of coffee, pump out heavy iron with HIIT cardio at the end, and do everything else you need to.  It’s not easy to keep going, manage your rest periods, tell yourself to add more weight. But you can or can find help in a friend or a trainer. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!


Here are some tips for raising your MOTIVATION  to JUST DO THIS!

  • IT’S ON YOUR SCHEDULE – put exercise on your schedule for 1-1/2 hrs 3 days/week. Make this schedule at the beginning of the week. And do it.
    • Write down your purpose for getting healthier, what being healthier looks like to you, what is the end goal?
    • make a reasonable short-term goal and tasks to accomplish this goal
    • keep making new goals as you achieve the old ones!
    • workout/check-in buddy
    • facebook group
    • keeping logs
    • family/friends
    • selfies
  • FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU – Before you even set out to exercise consistently, explore different options by trying some different activities.  Then set out to stick with those that work for you and your goals. Make sure to change-up your routines every so often to prevent boredom.
  • Positive Thinking – positive beliefs, self compliments, mantras, pay attention to how many times you ARE following the plan
  • “I Think I Can” – our brain slows us down when it believes we are at risk and can’t do something.  therefore, we have to wire our brain to believe that we are not at risk. Tips are to do interval pace and repetition reps, forced reps, and BELIEVE!
  •  BE PREPARED – make it easy on your schedule.  Plus, you are more likely to follow through with the activity when you have prepared.  this applies to exercise and eating healthy.


Consistency is the key to achieving your goals and maintaining healthy living.

Patience is the answer to starting and achieving your goals.

You must be patient and consistent, you have to remember this. You will see results, those results will not be maintained without consistency.

You didn’t put on weight or unhealthy habits in just the past few weeks, its unrealistic to expect your body to reverse these effects in 3-4 weeks or even months. You have to keep being consistent.

Motivation, not information is ultimately what people need help with.






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