Sorting Through the Get Healthy Tips

With access to array of information it seems that it would be easy to figure out how to get healthy. But we are made differently and need different plans. There is not magic formula.  But since that’s what people want, there are a lot of tips, articles and research telling you what to do.  Some of this advice is very beneficial and some not so much.

Sorting Through the Get Healthy Tips

  1. Stick to articles that lead you to use healthy foods and natural exercises. Figure out how  healthy foods work well with your body and tastes, eat in reasonable portions at the right times of day for your body.
  2. Stay away from programs that follow a prescribed diet – The exact foods you are going to like, the foods that will work with your body, number of meals and portions is never going to be exactly the same.  Even though some diet advice and plans are good, they are not meant to be followed like a script.
  3. Follow programs that recommend exercise plans for health and strength. These programs are more likely to provide a stable base for a long-term lifestyle.  Eventually you will lose weight, but still need to exercise to stay healthy.
  4. Beware that 7 min. workouts are not going to cut it – if you want to lose weight or maintain a certain level of health, it’s important to dedicate 20-30 mins. of a block of time 2-3 days/week.  I know many people really love the idea of quick workouts, because we don’t want to make time for a whole session.  To boost your metabolism, increase endurance, and increase strength you must put your body into a workout state long enough to produce these results.  Many of these workouts include great exercises and are good for an energy boost.  If you work a sedentary job, these might be great for your non workout days.

  5. Cutting out a certain category, like fats or carbs, is not necessary.  Most people do not need to go to the extreme of cutting out them out completely.  Reducing unhealthy carbs & fats is a must.  But make sure your body is getting enough of the healthy ones or you will lose nutrients and possibly your sanity.
  6. Miracle diets, shakes, wraps, etc.  While some of these products are proven to work without much side effect.  And some are healthy to use. Focusing solely on a product is not a great to start to a healthy lifestyle.  This is a great start to a quick fix. Quick fixes don’t produce lasting results.
  7. Believe in ads that promote being healthy for your body type.  Accept your body type positively.  Skinny is not necessarily healthy. Being of a reasonable weight for your body type and having a healthy BMI is healthy. Not everyone that is reasonable body weight has a healthy BMI or Lean Muscle Mass or maintains healthy habits. Getting and being healthy is not just about weight or body type.
  8. Stray away from products that tell you to  lose an unreasonable amount of weight in a short time.  While this would be great, it’s just not how the body works.  It took awhile for your body to change, it will take awhile for your body to change.  You have to put in consistent work to show your body how to change.  It will take effort.  Your body will not produce results and maintain being healthy without the consistency of treating it well.
  9.  Exercising at the same intensity the same amount of time is always enough.   Did you know that continuous steady state cardio activity actually depletes muscle tissue?
  10. Exercises that target specific muscles where you want to lose weight – not effective.  Weight loss comes from the increased energy output and healthy nutrition.  Your weight will drop where your body wants it to, not where you want it to. It does not care about those specific problem areas you have been targeting.

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It’s not overly difficult to find useful, reliable information.  But it’s just as easy to find senseless information that seems enticing. It really stinks that none of the magic formulas have proven to be our lasting answer.  In the business of everyday life, it would be great if someone could just tell us what and when to do it.  It would be even easier if we could achieve lightning quick results.  But, my friends, this is not the case. Finding useful tips and people to follow is worth your time.  Finding support friends, healthcare professionals, and personal trainers is also worth the effort. Getting healthy is not impossible.  We must have determination, motivation, and belief.  Nothing good comes without putting in the effort and the same applies for your health. BE HEALTHY, BE YOU!


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  1. Great tips! There are so many different points of view out there, it’s hard to know what to listen to. These points will really help!

  2. This is a great blog post!! I agree that none of us is made equal, and our body does not react equally to the same diet plans. That’s why the key to finding the perfect diet plan is to listen to our body. Each and every sign of our body is significant and it must not be neglected. And these are great tips for creating one’s diet plan that will work out perfectly! 🙂

    1. Glad you agree, it makes me sad when people get discouraged by a program that simply wasnt made for their needs.

  3. Great post !! I’ve learned things I eat don’t always work for others when it comes to dieting or just eating healthy with the flat tummy teas and other detox things it’s better to find foods that do those already .

  4. I always love to read health articles and learn more. These tips are great. It’s good to know what to be aware of. And to know which programs and promises are useful and trustworthy.

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