What’s the Secret to Sexy Abs?

By now you’ve probably seen this question floating around social media, What’s the Secret to Sexy Abs? or 6 pack abs? or Beach Body Abs? Then it’s usually followed by a workout circuit of several ab exercises…that aren’t always very effective. At least not in getting beach ready abs.

It is important to strive for good abs.  For strong abdominal muscles.  It’s not actually healthy for us to be carrying lots of extra fat around our lower tummy.  Beer bellies aren’t a normal process of our body and sorry to say, they’re not sexy.

So if you’re anything like me, you hide it in the winter.  Then shortly before summer, you realize you have to get your shit together and start pumping up those abs!  You might try to accelerate this by spending half your workout on abs.   Then I hit the beach a few times with my kids in tow and realize, who even freaking cares.  A total of 20 people might have seen me, whom I don’t know and will never see again.

That being said,  having sexy abs does make you  more confident in a swimsuit and fit more comfortably into your clothes.

Great abs do seem Sexy! But I don’t need a six pack. And sorry to inform you, most of you will not get a six pack either.  It’s just rare.  Look at all these hot models, they’re sexy, have flat tummies … but six pack abs are rare.

I don’t have a six pack, but I do have the sexiest abs that I will likely ever have in my life. You have to strive for what is awesome for You!

On the flip side looking sexy isn’t the only reason you should ask this question.  Abdominal muscles are important for your body.  Strengthening your abs and core is extremely helpful in

  • reducing lower back pain
  • supporting the spine
  • good posture
  • performing everyday movements

The Importance of Abdominal Strength  -azcentral

Achieving sexy abs (yes it is a big accomplishment!) has little to with the amount of ab exercises you are performing. It’s achieved with a healthy lifestyle and the quality of exercises you are performing. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen”.  From personal experience, I fully agree with this statement.

RULES FOR GREAT ABS – in order of importance

  • CORE EXERCISES – If you work on increasing you strength on core exercises, you will be actively utilizing your abs.  Remember to use them during these exercises, squeeze them!
  • CARDIO- If you are aiming to reduce fat, you must perform a reasonable amount of cardio, 2-3 hours/week. HIIT cardio is an awesome way to lose fat in less time.
  • AB EXERCISES – Include 2-3 sets of ab exercises into your routine.  As you do lose weight and increase strength, include weighted abs exercises.  Planks can be one of these.  they are helpful for the whole core and strengthen the inner ab muscles, unlike other exercises.

The abs are made of three muscles and therefore it’s useful to include exercises that hit each of these groups.  Once again, we are not spot reducing.  You cannot crunch your way to a flat lower belly just because that’s where you want to lose weight. You are strengthening your ab muscles. As you lose fat, as you progress with your strength, over time you will start to see some of those muscles.  Unfortunately, seeing ab muscles is usually one of the latter stages of losing weight or getting fit. Fortunately, it does happen, you will get there, you will find the sexiness in your abs if you stick with it!

What ab exercises are most effective?

For the Rectus Abdominis – the main middle muscle

For the Obliques – those side muscles

For the Transverse Abdominis

Abdominal Workouts and Information – Verywell

Focus more exercises that give flexion to your spine rather than anti-flexion like a crunch.  Why? Because that’s what the muscles are made for, to assist with flexion and stability of the spine.

I have found that many ab exercises that involve returning to a hard surface on my back are very uncomfortable and possibly detrimental to your back/spine.

However, if you review the list above you will find there options for standing, kneeling, or use of the swiss ball.


Stop wasting your time on extensive routines and follow the general Rules of Great Abs!

Save your sanity and make some sexy abs happen!

Here I’m going to share with you the best site I have found for ab routines. I love them because they are supersets and save time. The first 2 routines are the routines I did about 3 times week, sometimes one, sometimes both, while also exercising and eating healthy.  I was absolutely amazed at myself getting into a bathing suit that summer!  I hope you find the same results!

The Lower Abs Trifecta – Lean It Up

The Upper Abs Trifecta – Lean It Up


Bodybuilding.com Abdominals Exercise Library


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    1. I feel your pain, but giving up most of my refined carbs and limiting treats to a couple times a week has greatly reduced bloating and swelling.

  1. Thanks for the quick rundown on the most effective ab-tastic activities! Post baby 2 years, I really need to get on this, I know it affects my back – and I have to carry her around these days! 🙂

    1. With limited time you must focus on the things that work! I got down to my healthy place about 6-9 mos after my second baby and it has been the best thing for me as a mommy!

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