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Today I decided to post a little differently, a little more personally and bloggy.  Since I have started blogging in hopes to share health and fitness information with others’ and reach out to some that would really like some motivation & training, I have had good and bad experiences.

It’s nice to write and it’s nice to take time to research topics important to me.  I like the connection with other bloggers in all these groups.  You have to join LOTS of groups to get just a little bit of recognition. In these groups,

I’ve learned all kinds of new things from all kinds of subjects.  I’ve seen awesome pics from all over the world.

It’s also been fun to follow more female personal trainers, I’ve found quite a few with great programs.  It’s fun because they’re real people too.  And they look real and they think like you and I.

BUT, okay the BUTTS. Blogging about fitness results in a searches with a lot of women that are more into promoting themselves as models (they just look like strippers to me), than fitness trainers.  So everyone has their marketing ideas and I get that.  But butt what I don’t get about this one is that they’re trying to sell to other women. I get that trying to show the results, but most of it’s not real.

Ladies, can you please tell me which overweight breastfeeding mama wants to follow the feed or video of this girl? Please tell me you think like me, because when I feel dumpy and try to get motivated to workout, the last thing I want to look at is some little thing looking all hot in her undies! (When I really know this is all done up to look just right and most of us can look the same)

Do us a favor and STOP following these people.  There are plenty of real people out there that are actually promoting great content that will actually help you get results.  Not just staring at someone”s butt.

Then there’s the time consuming sharing and liking to get more shares and likes on your page.  Some is good…..and some is bad. there are just meaningless, senseless, topicless blogs out there.  please don’t search for them.

Now being a stay at home mom, this seems like a great idea for me right! We all think I should have the time! WRONG! I’m trying to share & like in the bathroom so I don’t mess something up while one child is doing god knows what to the other.

Then trying to write, oh my gosh.  How do I read and write with so much noise.  There’s little time.

Doing research on health and fitness topics has pushed me to learn a lot of new information. Which is really great, because I can apply most of it to my own life.  Plus I want to learn how to help all kinds of people, not just people like me.  Of course, today with google, these searches take a little more time to find valid and reliable information.  It’s not like the good old days where most of our information and research came from professional organizations that conducted valid research studies.

It astounds me the endless, senseless direction that we get send to take care of our health or find a good exercise routine.  The first things that most searches come up with include Brazilian butt, cellulite  removal, flat belly boot camp, lose a whole person in a week, etc.

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Crazy enough they’re not just scams or product buys.  This stuff is posted out there as if it’s real and helpful information.  Even searches about health conditions that repeatedly yield absolutely false information.

In today’s day and age, how can we not easily obtain accurate and easy to understand information on health and wellness? This is a problem for our society. This gamut of nonsense is a problem for our obesity epidemic.

Brazilian butt HA HA HA If you are not Brazilian with great genetics, you are most likely not getting this butt.

If you have inherited or accumulated cellulite, you are most likely not going to get rid of it.

If you want a flatter belly, eat healthy and exercise.

If you lose that much weight, your skin is likely not going to keep up with you

Now I’ve come across some useful information for exercises or skin care routines and food remedies with some of these titles.  But come on folks, please tell me I’m not the only one that knows these are not goals, they are gimmicks.

I got a butt, because I squat like nobody’s business.  I have cellulite & it’s not going away no matter what I do.  I have a flatter tummy than I ever imagined, because I exercise regularly and eat healthy.

Now I do like blogging, I have found that I enjoy writing more than I thought.

I enjoy being more knowledgeable with health and wellness information.

Following other people that have used their blogging to build businesses has given me motivation.  There is no reason I can’t do the same.  There is no reason I should feel that this only some dream for some other type of person.  I have come to understand that these are real people, that started out the same as me and I have all of the same qualities to make this successful.

If I can go from an occasional walker with no athletic or training history, to the badass milf in the weight room that’s able to perform just about every core lifting activity with a barbell, I GOT THIS!

If I can do it, I know YOU CAN TOO!

Some of the negativities give me a deeper sense of passion and commitment to help share the right information.  To help share real experiences with real photos with the many women out there that need a boost of self image.

It is my mission to help people find a better quality of life through health & wellness with accurate, reliable, and positive information!

** AFFILIATE LINKS are used in this post and on this website. Some of the ads/links are affiliate links. I may receive compensation through clicked links and purchases! **





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    1. Yep and there are plenty of beautiful healthy everyday women (and men) to follow in health or fitness!

  1. Yes! I keep seeing “fitness bloggers” that don’t actually seem like they are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I’m so happy I’m not the only one who thinks they look like strippers!

    1. Thank you for agreeing! Its a bit frustrating that we have to watch women that should be in a club when we just want to get healthy!

  2. Well, different things motivate different people. It’s also demographics, I actually enjoy following a variety of fitness bloggers, including the girls you described (providing there is reality and hard work to their narrative). Personally, I don’t find myself demotivated by girls who are done up like that because I don’t measure myself directly to others.

  3. You really touch on the crazy expectations that we place on our bodies! Genetically there are so many different body types and everyone’s body changes with age, so we really need to give ourselves a break and focus on the parts of our body that we love. 🙂
    Cheers, Sarah Camille // SCsScoop.com

  4. Great post! I’m a strength coach and personal trainer and I know what you mean. Looking into the fitness side of marketing online is sometimes just depressing as to what it’s become. Focus on health, enjoyment and rocking an awesome lifestyle!

  5. Keep up the good work. There are so many unrealistic goals and not useful tips out there for fitness. So we all have to be careful and do our research. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for great feedback! Its important to have realistic goals and be positive about ones self to become healthy.

  6. I completely agree with your stance on this! Although I do get inspiration from really toned fitness girls who look amazing. But then I know they arent moms, so it’s not quite as motivating.

    1. It is good to have examples of what healthy & toned look like for aspiration, but underneath of the oil and photo edits they look like the rest of us moms. And moms can be fit, toned & sexy too!

  7. Such a motivational post, your toned body made me aspire more. I exercise daily but not in a proper manner, I love jogging a lot and that’s the most I do.

    1. Thank you! I have not always been fit and I would like to share good ideas. If I can do it, I know other people can too!

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