Pump Up That Booty, Glutes Exercises

Everybody wants a better booty and the new trend is to Pump Up That Booty!  We want it firm and perky, but now we want also them big and round! This is an advantage for us that already had big butts to start with.  But it’s okay if you don’t and it’s okay if you’re a male, there’s still plenty of ways to get better glutes.  Today we’re not just talking about making the booty bigger, but we’re talking about glutes exercises to strengthen the muscle.

Many of us think of this area of being fatty or just being there to look nice. In reality, the butt is made of a large muscle.  This muscle isn’t going to look great or work great if it’s just big and fatty.  It’s also a muscle that’s not just there to look at.  In reality, it’s a large muscle that is very important for many daily movements.

The glutes are important for :

  • Stabilizing the pelvis and spine
  • Hip extension
  • Lower body alignment
  • Injury prevention

Awesome Exercises that Strengthen the Glutes & Make a Better Looking Booty!

Core and compound exercises (those working many muscle groups)

*SQUATS – The King of exercises for the glutes, the core, and legs.

  • Bodyweight squats are great for starting out and great for perfecting form
  • Goblet squats
  • Sumo squats (extra wide stance)
  • Barbell squats – the king of squat exercises
  • Activate the glutes by getting low
  • Activate the glutes by taking a slightly wider than hip width stance

Deadlifts – Also working the core and hams, another great exercise to pump up and round out that booty.

  • Traditional deadlifts with a bar or dumbbell
  • Straight legged (Romanian) Deadlift with bar or dumbbell
  • Single leg with dumbbell
  • Should only be performed once/week


  • Reverse lunges
  • Skater lunges
  • Weighted lunges
  • Side lunges


For accessory work to isolate the glutes & other useful muscles:

Reverse leg curls (machine or dumbbell)

Kickbacks – can be done bodyweight, on a cable machine, or even on all fours

Glute bridge or Hip thrust – for more of a challenge, try them one legged. If you are advanced you can progress to weighted barbell hip thrusts.

Hamstring swiss ball curls

Kettlebell swings

Hip Abduction


Bulgarian split squats

Leg Press

Choose 1-2 compound exercises and 2-3 accessory exercises per session.

SQUEEZE OR FLEX YOUR GLUTES! Be sure to mentally think through using your glute muscles during these exercises.

To pump up that booty to be bigger and perkier, you must work on strength exercises.  Cardio does not produce this result, in fact lots of cardio with no strength exercises will decrease the size of your butt.

In the world of strength training, you need to progressively challenge yourself.  Meaning, you need to be adding more weight every week or two.  If you need to decrease your reps from 12 to 8, that’s perfectly acceptable as long as the weight is increasing.

Consistently performing more and more bodyweight squats is not going to produce the same result.  Personally, I find my squat form declining when I try to keep up with these videos doing 30 squats fast paced.  This will not help increase your booty size.  Most of the time it’s impossible to squat low enough to engage the glutes when you’re going so fast.  Getting low enough for glute engagement is very important if you are squatting to perk up your butt. Otherwise you will mostly be working your quads.

FOCUS ON GOOD FORM – Read about proper form, watch videos, mentally think through your form.  Ensure that you have good form before you add the weights. If you’re increasing weight, but only doing a half squat, you’re not going to get the same results.

THERE IS MORE THAN A BARBELL – If you’re not into using bars or at least the Olympic bar, there are other options.  And they are perfectly acceptable alternatives, as well as great ways to become more comfortable with heavier weights.

  • Dumbbells
  • Small bars
  • Smith machine
  • Cable Machine

Engage in the accessory exercises that focus on lower body muscles. They have a purpose. A full barbell squat uses numerous muscles throughout your whole body. Accessory movements will help increase your muscle strength in the right areas, which will in turn help you increase your squatting strength.

Eat right to help lose the fat.

Eat protein to feed your muscles after strength training workouts.

Personally, I have done numerous searches, talked to people, and dedicated time to improving the glutes.  I have had good success.  While my butt was big to begin with, I have definitely perked up and rounded up and feel great about my Booty! Which definitely looks like a Pumped Up Booty!

The best workout always comes back to the basics.  No amount of fancy exercises or adding more exercises or reps to the regimen helps.  What helps is focusing on going big on the big exercises. Then pick a few accessory exercises to work on consistently. Do this, eat right, appreciate your booty, then rock it out in a great pair of leggings!

My Mottos:

“Every day is leg day at the gym”

“If I go to the gym, I squat, and I squat heavy”

“Get Low”

My current booty working exercises:

Warmups: Lunges, Bodyweight squats, Step Ups – choose one per workout

Barbell Squats 2x per week, max weight 5×5, average weight 3×8

Romanian Barbell Deadlift 1x/week 3×8

Hip Thrust w/Barbell 1x/week 3×8

Cable Kickbacks 1x/week 3×10

Leg Press or Reverse Leg Curl 1x/week 3×10

Bulgarian Split Squats 1x/week 3×10



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  1. I will try these exercises, just the light ones though. I am quite satisfied with my gluteus muscles, but a little exercise can help keep them in shape and avoid early sagging and lack of tone.

  2. Nothing better than a good booty workout, I used to dance when I was younger but I have heard that twerking is also great for strengthening the glutes too. I like the idea of using ‘weight training’ to pump up that booty! x

  3. Oh yeah who wouldn’t want to have a healthy and proper shape boots – Those are good exercise not just for the back but the entire body and well being. Great post!

    1. Yep that’s what I like something I can do no matter what the calls for! If I have to I do them while competing chores!

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