Body Image is still the topic of the day. It’s a major issue that affects a lot of people across the world. If you don’t believe this, check out that statistics at  – The Body Image Center.

  • 45% of children in grades 3-6 are unhappy with their body size, CHILDREN!, 70% of women and 43% of men are unhappy with their bodies. Yes this issue affects men, women, and children.


One of the main reasons many of you will want to get on the health track is to look better.  Hopefully you will find other reasons too.  But you’re not fooling me and I’m not fooling you…many of you will want a better body image. The idea here is that it really isn’t how thin we are, how overweight we are, or how much muscle tone we do or don’t have. Most likely you do not really need a better body. Body Image is about how we actually perceive ourselves and how we perceive ourselves in comparison to others’.  Yes it is likely you are comparing yourself to others’.

A recent blog post I read described how even when people are fit, they don’t feel “fit enough”. Because a lot of their focus includes views, then comparison of fitness models, they get sucked into that idea of perfection that is portrayed. Check out Molly at Girls Get Strong. Others’ may simply be focusing too much on people in the media. And despite advances in positive body image, advances in photography and social media and tons of information somehow we still want to believe that we can look like the people in the media. We believe there is some actually perfect body to attain to.

Poor body image isn’t something that just affects overweight people or unhealthy people.  I have read stories from the most beautiful people, ones that the rest of us admire, that believe in the same negativity the rest of us fall into.  I have heard comments from young, beautiful women and men that boggle my mind.  How could they think that about themselves, they look beautiful and healthy with natural muscle tone? Not only that, but they appear to have personality, dedication, and they’re obviously spending part of their life doing something good.  Then I go home and look in the mirror….and have to remind myself….

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Starting a new healthy eating plan might seem like a daunting task. My recommendation now and forever, is to Keep It Simple. It might seem like the thing to do is a set a start date make a whole new menu plan, workout 4 days a week and get a great start on your health! This idea looks good on paper,  but it’s bad, it’s just bad. This approach is unrealistic and will play tricks with your motivation. Start by gaining some nutrition knowledge, reviewing what healthy foods are, and how to read a food label.  Basically you want to buy fresher foods with less ingredients.  When looking at carb items, you want whole wheat to be the first words, not way down, not refined, not white. We want to start small to allow our minds and our bodies to adjust to changes. If you do or think you have health problems, please get the advice of a health professional on the right types of foods to eat and to avoid for your particular health issues.  Visit the following links to get a low down on carbs.

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I’m pretty sure we all know by now that buying pre-packaged, processed food is not good for us. I know this is a shocker, but in order for these items to be pre packaged, ingredients have to be added. Many of these ingredients/chemicals are not digested very well.  It makes me want to roll my eyes when I hear people saying, “Do you know what they’re putting in these snacks (insert product name), they’re using a chemical!?!” Well… of course they are, look at the texture of that product, the box, its not even a natural food.  Shop around the outside of the store for most of your groceries. Take the time to package your own food, it’s really not that much time and you’ll save money.



Pick a few things to work on for a week or two. Pick foods that you like or want to try.  If you hate salads, by all means do not plan to eat salad at all. There are other ways to get the same nutrients in your diet. For me, I wouldn’t even try to eat tuna and as much as I’ve tried I cannot stand cottage cheese YUCK! No problems, I have found many other foods with similar benefits. If you are trying new, fresh fruits and vegetables, I do recommend looking for products that are in season and ripe. 

50 SUPER HEALTHY FOODS Authority Nutrition

17 Nutrition Tactics To Eat Cleaner, Live Leaner, And Build The Ultimate Body – Lean It Up

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♥♥♥ So hopefully you’re thinking about why YOU want to be healthy, hopefully you are starting to set some realistic goals.  Of course we know that many of us will reduce our risk of chronic health problems, of course we know many people that want to lose weight to look better.  These are important factors, but maybe they don’t apply to you. Even if they do, there are plenty of other reasons in life to be healthy.  I hope that you can find a couple that are motivating enough to challenge you to make your healthy work for YOU.




   BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION– many people can manage mild blood sugar problems with a healthy diet

♥   HEALTHY SMILE – if you’re going to feel better, you want a beautiful smile to go with it!


♥   REDUCE GAS AND BLOATING – who really enjoys this?

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BE HEALTHY, what exactly does this mean? If you want to be healthy, you have to decide what that means for you. People might tell me, “I’m exercising and eating better.  Instead of eating a whole lunch, I’m just taking a bag of potato chips to work.  And I’ve been walking on my treadmill, nevermind that a coke sets in the cupholder and my favorite show is on tv.”  Well, that’s not quite what I reach for when I set out to be healthy, but my goals and desires might be very different from yours. Nothing wrong with that.  And hey, maybe this is a lot of progress for your lifestyle.  So if it’s not significantly effecting your health, who am I to judge? Keep up the good work!

YOU have to ask yourself what you want to achieve, what your purpose is, and more importantly how can you make this work for you. It seems that we often set out on this new adventure of dieting and exercising with an idea that we need to mold to the program.  We think we’re going to change from a Roseanne Barr into a Jillian Michaels.  If you are not a fitness enthusiast and enjoy eating what you bake, you are not going to turn into a Jillian Michaels honey.  Guess what, there’s nothing wrong with that.  You have a different lifestyle with different priorities and values. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find a way to be fit and healthy.  Get outside of that box.

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