Overlooking the Sauces and Condiments in Your Diet?

Okay folks, be honest with yourself are you overlooking the sauces and condiments n your diet?

I mean how do I have the burger with no mayo, or the fries without ketchup, what do I even use? Unfortunately, my friends I do have to say that you may of to give up some of the items totally. And work on limiting the ones you can’t live without. Fortunately, there are many alternative condiments to stock in your kitchen that are healthy and low in calories!


Mayonnaise – too high in fat

Ketchup (store bought) – too high in sugar

BBQ Sauce (store bought)

Soy sauce – high in sodium

Sugar sweeteners – obvious

Vegetable oil

Butter – try an olive oil based butter

Salad dressing

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The 17 Best & Worst Condiments! – Dr Axe

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Good alternatives (use in serving size portions)

Mustard – low calories





Hot Sauce





Olive oil





Apple cider vinegar





Homemade BBQ sauce





Homemade Ketchup










Greek Yogurt





Hummus – dip & spreadable





Avocado – dip & spreadable

avocado, half slide, kernel, seed







Pesto – dip & spreadable










Marinara – best homemade





low sodium spices


Whip up a great sauce or marinade for a Healthy Dinner by mixing up a few of these healthy ingredients together!

When you need to indulge the sweets, try a dash of cinnamon or teaspoon of honey!

Cook or bake with reasonable amounts of healthy oils, such as olive, coconut, or nut oils.

Opt for more vinegar than oils in dressings.

Use fresh ingredients for sauces, dips, and spreadables.

My personal favorites are to use avocado or hummus on sandwiches or burgers. I have had success with substituting sugar with honey. The only oil I use for cooking is olive oil, which is also great for spicing up salads, pasta, rice or vegetables.

Think Outside of the Box! There are many more flavorful options than the traditional high fat, high sugar condiments that we are used to.

Healthy Sauces Loaded with Flavor, Not Calories – Fitness Magazine

19 Healthy Sauce and Salad Dressing Recipes




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  1. I totally agree, the amount of salt and sugar in store bought products is crazy, I have found that adding fresh simple spices and making my own sauces even tastes better

  2. Thanks for writing this lol. Apparently, I’ve been eating the wrong stuff for a long time. Im definitely going to start taking ACV, i just can’t stand it alone.

  3. UGH! snicker, basically throw out everything in the door of my fridge =) Makes perfect sense though and very informative – thank you for sharing!

  4. Sauces can definitely be easily overlooked. Marinara homemade is great, but be careful when looking at store-bought ones. Companies will sneak lots of sugar and high fructose corn syrup in there!

  5. This is good to know! I am a sauce person. So it’s good to have some better alternatives. Glad to read what to eliminate as well. I love honey and Greek yoghurt. glad those are good alternatives.

  6. So far now, I managed to quit mayo. It really is too high in fat. And when it comes to ketchup, I don’t eat it every day. Perhaps twice a week. Is that too much? I also use vinegar very often, and I tend to cook with olive oil. I hope I’ll start using other healthy spices as well, to substitute the unhealthy ones. This was a great post indeed since I really enjoy using condiments.

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