Exercise routines are must if you want to be healthy or lose weight. Diet alone will not do this for you. I don’t think its necessary for us to review all of the potential benefits of exercise and how it contributes to weight loss, you already know.  So why aren’t you doing it? Good question, huh?  IT IS HARD! I’m not going to lie and tell you that it’s really simple to add 30 mins. a day to your routine to exercise, because it’s not.  That’s what makes it even better, that’s what makes you feel even stronger when you can accomplish this task.  Not only did you bust your butt exercising for 30-60 mins., but you also made a routine, squeezed those minutes into your day and possibly sacrificed something else to get the s&!@ done!

Heres a laundry list of reasons EXERCISE IS HARD:

  • Work and work schedules
  • Kids – even when you have the time, kids can just be chaotic when you try to workout
  • Low Energy
  • Sleep problems/Shift Work
  • Lack of motivation
  • Health Issues
  • Not sure what to do

Well, that’s what I’m here for – to guide YOU on how to get up and get some motivation to BE A HEALTHY YOU!

You know you want to feel better, you know you want to lose some weight, you know you want to be more confident about your health and your body, you don’t know what to do, how to get there. I get it!


You need to set out your goals:

  • Why do you want to be exercise?
  • How will this help YOU be healthier?
  • What are your goals? to exercise a certain amount of hours, to lose a certain amount of weight, to improve your blood pressure, ???
  • What do YOU need for motivation and accountability? Some people need a fit friend, a weekly reward, inspirational compliments, keeping logs to track progress, etc.
  • How often per week do you want to work out? Aim for at least 2-3 days/week
  • For how long? Aim for at least 30 mins./session

You need to make a schedule.

  • Find the best 3 days in your schedule
  • What is the best time? don’t just squeeze it into your schedule, think about what is the best time of day for you to exercise?
  • What is offered, what is open in your area on these days?
  • Review your whole schedule, make sure your exercise plan works around the other events in your day and week. We do not want to miss a family get together, a basketball game, a date night. We want to make it work out for our whole schedule.

You may need exercise equipment:

  • Clothes – if you don’t have comfortable gym clothes, consider getting 1-2 outfits in your size that you can move around comfortably. (Ladies, don’t forget a good sports bra!)
  • Water Bottle – Drink plenty of water while you exercising.
  • Shoes – Use a  good fitting, comfortable pair of tennis shoes that give you good support.  It may look silly, but I always walk up/down the aisle, squat, and stand on one foot to test out my shoes.exercise-equipment
  • Journal – you need to keep a log of your food and exercise when you are starting out.  You can also use an app.  I like to keep my exercises handwritten, it’s too time consuming on the apps.
  • Other things people consider (but aren’t necessary)
    • towel
    • headbands
    • swiss ball
    • weights for home use
    • yoga mat

Don’t skip any of these steps! Start out right!

Consider new types of exercise.  If you’re not sure what you like to do or you don’t like what you’re currently doing, try something new. You just might surprise yourself! or not, but at least you know.  There are many different options, between running, walking, cardio machines, yoga, strength straining, group classes, dance cardio, step classes, yogasports, climbing. Chances are you have given up on exercise before simply because you weren’t doing  something you enjoyed. I love dance cardio, even though I’m horrible at dancing.  During my initial weight loss, I spent a lot of time on machines.  It’s hard for me to stay focused and I feel BORED.  Now that I’ve found something I enjoy, I haven’t gotten a machine for more than 15 mins. in probably a year.  I still get my heart pumped up and sweat for 60 mins. a week. My favorite exercise is strength training with free weights.  I never played sports and I was terrified of how poor my performance would be when I looked at that weight room.  After I watched other women and talked to some friends, I fearfully tried it.  I LOVE IT! IT’S KEEPS ME FOCUSED!!  I do not like running.  I do not run.  But I’m still healthy.  If you love running, then God has blessed you with a special gift and you should be using it. Find an activity you enjoy that helps you mentally. ♥

Now What? So you have the time, you got a gym membership and you’re here. What do you do? If you’re at a gym, it may be overwhelming and stimulating at first.  If you’re at a group class, you may feel shy and confused at first.  But don’t worry, most people do and most people are not judging you.  Everybody had to start somewhere, even the flexed out guy deadlifting with 3- 45 lb. plates on each side started out somewhere.  And everyone made mistakes, even that guy.  Matter of fact, he’s probably maxing out right now with poor form.  It’s okay, in order to move up we have to start and we have to experience some bad reps to get us there. Be confident and fake it til you make it!

If you have not been physically active for awhile, you’re best bet is to start with cardio machines, sports, or group classes with some strength & toning exercises. Find out what you can do without overdoing it.

There are programs and there are programs and there are articles and YouTube videos and live streaming and Instagram and more programs.  My best advice to you is to ignore articles from entertainment magazines, ignore Instagram. Do not rely on live streaming, DVD’s or YouTube videos solely.  Some of these sources give us a great way to work out at home, but they do not do it all. A class or YouTube video is not a program and it doesn’t add in your nutrition. DO NOT try any of these funny Instagram moves at the gym.  I have done this, I have watched other women do this. WE DO LOOK FUNNY!!  This is not a workout and if you have to follow along with the video at the gym, just do it at home.

Look for programs written by popular personal trainers that appear practical, contain full body programs, and don’t push too much. You do not need to do 12 different exercises at 12 reps a piece. It’s chaotic and can tax your body in the wrong way. Focus on the main compound exercises (which really only adds up to a few) and if you are using weight or intensity that is challenging, feel free to lower the reps a bit, say down to 8. For good program templates, I recommend:

If you really want to get into strength training, I recommend:

I’ve read a number of small articles by Shape, Women’s Health, etc. that get shared around social media.  Some of these exercises are great, especially for isolation exercises. But a lot of them direct you to do too many bodyweight strength based moves in a short period of time. And they’re not giving you guidance on when to do them or what else to do with them.  Most of these will just wear you out and that’s why you don’t stick with them.  I feel that I am quite fit and I can rock it in a squat rack, I can rock out heavy weights for 60-90 mins.  But I get tired just looking at some of these routines on paper. And you do want to pay attention to the order of the exercises, it is extremely important for your endurance.

Just stay away, just find a solid program. 

And tweak that program to fit your needs and what you can do. There isn’t a specific program I can recommend to YOU, because I am not YOU. We all may need something a little different.  I cannot tell you that there is one of these specific programs that I had tons of success with, because I didn’t use anyone’s program.  I reviewed these sites and their workout plans extensively and I made my own workout plans based on what I learned.  I’m not doing 100 crunches a day, I’m not running, I’m not doing a lot of jumping, I’m not working out every day of the week. Did I have success? You Betcha!! I am very happy to say that I decreased in inches, I drastically reduced my body fat, I have improved my speed and endurance, I have drastically improved my strength and I’m even starting to pump up the muscle!!! My best success was with my own program. 





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