Make Fitness A Routine

As the beginning of a New Year is underway, a top priority for bettering your life is to make fitness a routine. There might be other changes happening in your life this year. Or getting healthy might be the new change for you. Either way, it is highly recommended that you include eating healthy and exercising a part of your routine.

While this statement sounds simple, I think it’s worthwhile to explore more in-depth because of it’s importance. As I was thinking that I just don’t have a lot new from my experience, it’s because I have found what works for me and that’s what I do every day and every week. My fitness plan might not work for everyone, however it’s not plausible for me to try to new programs and diets just to review them. Routines Work.

So the best piece of advice I can share with you is to

Make Fitness A Routine!

  1. Make Your Schedule – Plan to exercise for at least 30 mins. 3 days/week. Plan these days/times ahead. Plan to exercise when it is both good for your schedule and energy level.
  2. Make Your Workout Plan – Make your workout plans in advance and write them down. Explore whether more cardio or more strength exercises work for you. Explore workout routines based on your goals and interests. If you know what works, stick with the routine.
  3. Meal Plan – Plan on what types of foods and meals you want to eat before you go to the grocery store. How much you need to plan and prep for meals is going to be your personal preference. A lot of people like to plan specific lists and meals, grocery shop, meal prep, and portion size. All very helpful routines. Likewise, make plans for when you will eat out or indulge.
  4. Plan time for research – Even if you are quite fit and have a workout routine, it’s helpful and motivating to spend a little time researching. Whether you are exploring good exercises, healthier foods, health conditions, new trends, getting new gear, always keep on top of researching something health related. Make sure you do this regularly.
  5. Make it a habit – Stick to your routines, adjust accordingly, and develop healthier habits.

Routines are very helpful because it reduces the motivating factor. Just like cleaning the bathroom and going grocery shopping. They’re not activities we always want to do, but they are important. Most of you probably have a routine for when and how you complete these tasks. This reduces the negative thought processes around whether or not it’s a good day to workout. If it’s your routine, your habit, you do it. Because that’s now part of your life. Getting healthy and fit is a lifestyle change, therefore you have to develop long term habits.

Once you have a good list of healthy foods, then it’s not so challenging to go to the store. It’s not as challenging to skip the junk. Because now you have a good list, you have healthy meals, you know what they are and now you do not have to put as much thought into it when you go to the store. And now that junk food isn’t in your budget anyway.

Once you make a fitness a routine, it will be harder to skip a workout than just get it done. You will start to find the benefits that getting healthy and fit adds to your lifestyle and well-being. Since you won’t want to lose the after effects, you will keep going! You will enjoy having fitness in your routine!


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  1. Good tips! For me, I get a lot of exercise at work already. I am up on my feet, a lot of the times walking or lifting and stretching at least 7 hours a day, five days a week. However, when I am not at work, when the weather is nicer, I would love to be able to walk outside more to stay fit and get a breath of fresh air! Also, I want to sometime incorporate an indoor exercise routine for the winter months.

  2. I am working on my fitness routine. Once the weather is nice I will go walking almost every day during the week, pushing over 50 pounds of boys plus double stroller. I take them with me and I power walk to the playground, let them play for a bit, then power walk home. It’s the times like now, when it’s too cold, and when my boys are having problems sleeping through the night again, that I have a hard time getting motivated to wake up early to exercise but that’s the only time I really have.

    1. Its not an easy feat, especially with little ones. That’s great you can take them walking with you! Keep working at it and you will find a habit.

  3. Making a work out routine has made a huge difference for me the last two years. Making it a habit is the hardest part but once you do it’s so worth it! Great tips

  4. These are great tips! Once you make something a habit, it isnt nearly as hard to keep up with it. Emotionally or physically!

    1. I agree that its not easy and even myself have had crazy things in life come up. But since I do go to the gym mostly on same days/times, its easier to pick it right back up.

  5. This is good advice, but I will tell you, it’s so hard to stay in a routine while dealing with my crazy babies. I need to do so much better about making grocery lists instead of going on a whim!

    1. Can definitely relate to that! I have two growing children and sometimes I have to adjust. To be honest, I don’t personally do lots of meal planning. But I know what I like that’s healthy and stick to those items (at least for myself) when shopping. Its not easy, but possible!

  6. I personally don’t plan out my daily exercise as I’m one of those people who hate fitness. 🙈 But in exchange, I love taking some walk everyday just so that I can consider it a little exercise to avoid fitness. Works for me. 😊

  7. I agree if is not part of your routine it’s hard to actually set the time to exercise. To me works better if I enroll my self to a class or gym cuz I have a specific time of t day and I’m paying for it so I have to do it

  8. These are fantastic ideas, I really need to start doing this this year! I need to make fitness a priority and meal planning too.

  9. Once you have a routine, sticking to it is definitely the hardest part. This is some major inspiration to set one up.

  10. I used to be so on the ball about this! But recently we had some pipes burst, got hit back to back with stomach bugs and colds AND we are moving and I just put fitness to the side. BUT I think I’m going to do what you said and just set 3 times a week for 30 minutes aside to get some exersize in. That’s really not much AT ALL when you look at the week as a whole. Thanks girl! Just what I needed to get #MOTIVATED!

  11. Makes so much sense to plan your workouts. I have Tried to keep a consistent plan to work out but it never works the way I want It. Maybe if I get In the habit of writing and scheduling it. It’ll work

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