Starting a new healthy eating plan might seem like a daunting task. My recommendation now and forever, is to Keep It Simple. It might seem like the thing to do is a set a start date make a whole new menu plan, workout 4 days a week and get a great start on your health! This idea looks good on paper,  but it’s bad, it’s just bad. This approach is unrealistic and will play tricks with your motivation. Start by gaining some nutrition knowledge, reviewing what healthy foods are, and how to read a food label.  Basically you want to buy fresher foods with less ingredients.  When looking at carb items, you want whole wheat to be the first words, not way down, not refined, not white. We want to start small to allow our minds and our bodies to adjust to changes. If you do or think you have health problems, please get the advice of a health professional on the right types of foods to eat and to avoid for your particular health issues.  Visit the following links to get a low down on carbs.

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I’m pretty sure we all know by now that buying pre-packaged, processed food is not good for us. I know this is a shocker, but in order for these items to be pre packaged, ingredients have to be added. Many of these ingredients/chemicals are not digested very well.  It makes me want to roll my eyes when I hear people saying, “Do you know what they’re putting in these snacks (insert product name), they’re using a chemical!?!” Well… of course they are, look at the texture of that product, the box, its not even a natural food.  Shop around the outside of the store for most of your groceries. Take the time to package your own food, it’s really not that much time and you’ll save money.



Pick a few things to work on for a week or two. Pick foods that you like or want to try.  If you hate salads, by all means do not plan to eat salad at all. There are other ways to get the same nutrients in your diet. For me, I wouldn’t even try to eat tuna and as much as I’ve tried I cannot stand cottage cheese YUCK! No problems, I have found many other foods with similar benefits. If you are trying new, fresh fruits and vegetables, I do recommend looking for products that are in season and ripe. 

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Get a food log, many people use an app nowadays. Find one that works for you.  I like Sparkpeople for tracking food.  Note that we are tracking food, our focus is not solely on calories.  Just what’s in your calories.  My app will separate out protein, fats, and carbs for me, which is why I like it.  It’s a good idea to start food logging before you make a diet change, then you can actually see the change.


Week 1:

  • Eat at routine times.
  • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, the ones you like.
  • Eat a fruit and/or vegetable with every meal.
  • Eat a nice healthy breakfast with good carbs, good fats, protein and some fruit. Even if you don’t like to eat breakfast, eat something small or make a smoothie.
  • Trade out one bad carb for a healthy one, e.g. brown rice for white, wheat bread for white, higher fiber cereal, etc.
  • Drink lots of water, work on reducing sugary drinks, but still DRINK LOTS OF WATER.  DRINK LIKE A FISH!
  • Don’t worry about eating healthy fats, even if your goal is weight loss. These fats will help your energy and they’re good for your brain
  • Do not eat meals on the go, even breakfast, it really doesn’t take that long to heat up a bowl of oatmeal or piece of toast and eat it.  Get up 10 mins earlier if you have to.
  • Take your lunch to work, do not eat lunches out at work.  This is a bad habit for lots of people, it wreaks havoc on your nutrition and your wallet.
  • Do not starve yourself, please, please, please do not.
  • Eat slowly, not just for digestion. If you truly like your food, then eat slow enough that you can actually taste it. Be more mindful of your food!
  • No fancy shopping, no looking at your food like it came from the trash, just a few nice simple changes.  One of the first things I did in addition to fresh fruits and veggies was trade out instant oatmeal for regular quick oats.

The goal is to develop a habit that works for you, not squish yourself into a box of hating food. Love your food!!! You do not need to eat gluttonous every day in order to appreciate food.  But food at some meals on some days…really is just fuel for our body. What you want to do is improve the fuel you’re giving your body. While it might be okay to choose low grade fuel for our cars, it’s not okay for our bodies. Appreciate and respect your body enough that you will choose to improve your fuel!

Now that you have a realistic plan to improve your body fuel and be a healthy YOU, you are more likely to accomplish your plan. YOU will feel better when you are able to accomplish your goals. Now you will have the necessary motivation to continue your plan and challenge yourself!  Love your food ♥♥♥

KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!eating_colors.jpg

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Week 2:

  • Continue adjusting to changes made in week 1
  • If ready trade out an unhealthy fat for a healthy fat
  • Try to eliminate all sugary drinks, drink more water than week 1.
  • Trade out another bad carb
  • Switch up your snacks
  • Increase your protein – good sources are nuts, seeds, nut butters, white cheeses, lean meats, spinach, peas, soy beans, greek yogurt

As you can see I am not giving recommendations on actual meal plans, why? Because you have to make this work for you.  You must be the one to create your own healthy meal plan!

Here is a simple template, Monday is already filled in with one of my normal daily meal plans Weekly meal planner




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