Inflammation Got You Down? Get Up With These Anti-Inflammatory Foods!

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Inflammation is an issue for many people.  And when we feel swollen, inflamed, and in pain, sticking to an exercise routine isn’t easy.  If it’s chronic inflammation, just doing household chores is a burden. Don’t let inflammation keep you down.

Inflammation is a natural response your body makes to fight off infections, bacteria, and viruses.  It’s a good thing that your body is reacting.  The white blood cells and immune protein gang up to fight off threats to your immune system.

It becomes a problem when your body develops chronic inflammation. Oftentimes this is due to arthritis or an auto immune disorders. These can lead to chronic pain and impact your life. If you have chronic inflammation, you do want to combat it.  This disease can lead to further complications, like heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

Inflammation: Causes, Symptoms, and Anti-Inflammatory Diet

What’s the first thing that your doctor is going to recommend to you? Medication.  Common medications are NSAIDS, such as ibuprofen or aspiring.  Prescription Medications. like Celebrex, or corticosteroids. While some people may get some relief from the medications, it’s not always long lasting.  And you’re not combatting the issue, just subsiding the pain. And you’re risking the side effects.

A more effective natural way to reduce your inflammation is to get on an anti-inflammatory diet.  This is also a better approach to getting your body healthier so that you can actually get rid of the issue causing the inflammation. I was completely amazed at the simplicity of finding a good list to combat inflammation! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

What’s on the Anti-Inflammatory Food List?

 Berries, especially Blueberries



Whole Grains


Broccoli and cruiferous vegetables, Brussel sprout, cauliflower

Leafy greens – Kale, Spinach

Dark Chocolate

Green Tea



Chia & Flax Seeds

Olive Oil


Onions –

surprisingly you will not find this food on many lists, however they do contain polyphenols and antioxidants among many of other nutrients making this another awesome food to add to your diet!

Onions: Health Benefits, Health Risks & Nutrition Facts


Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

The Ultimate Arthritis Diet

Foods that fight inflammation

Foods that Aggravate Inflammation:

Fried Foods

Refined Carbs



Saturated & Trans Fats

Omega 6 Fats – found in many oils, like vegetable, corn, soy, peanut




8 Food Ingredients That Can Cause Inflammation


If you are in pain, if you are suffering from chronic inflammation.  Work on incorporating these foods in your diet. Get moving and stretch.  The last thing you want to do is stay immobile and rely on medication. Get up with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet!


Check out some ant-inflammatory recipes!


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  1. Until my knee replacement I had terrible issues due to massive inflammatory issues with my arthritic knee. I tried all of these things and what worked best was salt reduction. Holding less fluid in the tissues seemed to help the most. Now my knee has been replaced its a whole new story. So many nagging issues are gone.

  2. Good information! I can always tell when I’m eating too many foods that my body does not like because I get puffy! Once I clean up my diet, boom! Puffiness (inflammation) goes a way!!

  3. Thanks for th great tips! Even more reason for me to cut soda out of my diet all together.
    Cheers, Sarah Camille //

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