How to Boost Results from Your Workout

After endless days of eating right and completing  your scheduled workouts, you are feeling good right? You should, because you are doing more and more every day to be healthier. But at the end of the month, sometimes we are wondering why the results aren’t adding up. You are left wondering if you are really doing the right thing and if you’re going to accomplish your goal. Hopefully, the answer is yes to both of these!  Most people will have to be patient to see results. Keep assessing your fitness needs and how well your workout plans are working for you.  Learning how to be healthy and what works best for you is a continuous journey. And yes, there may be some simple factors you have missed that will help boost results from your workout.

If you haven’t tried some of these fitness boosters, please do!

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1. Eat a good carb meal before your workout (1-2 hrs. before)

You need a good source of energy to workout, especially if you are strength training. Use healthy carb sources, such as whole grain bread or cereal or oats.

2. Eat or Drink a good source of protein (10-20grams) within 2 hours after a strength training workout.

Really I do this after any workout. It helps muscles restore what was lost AND it gives for a satisfying meal/snack, which = less hunger, which = less snacking.

3. Workout at a good time of day for you.

Meaning when you have the motivation, energy, and mood. You will put more effort into your session. After 3pm, my energy starts falling, and after 6pm, just forget it. Therefore, I do not make plans to exercise at these times of day, because my effort is half assed to say the least.

4. Be Mindful of Your Muscles.

Focus on your movements to master good form and prevent injury. Watch videos and read descriptions and repeat. If you are continuously sore because you are hurting yourself, you are not likely to keep going back. Plus, working out is meant to help you move, not hinder your daily activities.


5. Pump up the Jam!

Be prepared with a good music list. A good workout playlist that helps you pump up your motivation and endorphins is a must!!


6. Squeeze those muscles in all the right places!

Simply moving your body around and/or flexing the muscles in areas you want to lose weight is not going to do the job. Work on learning the main muscle groups for the exercises you are performing and focus on using those muscles in your movements. Even while walking, running, or bicycling, you can work on flexing and getting better use out of muscles. You can also practice working on this while using these muscles during daily chores.


Don’t starve yourself or undereat, especially if you are performing strength exercises. Don’t overeat, but ensure you eating enough healthy foods to sustain energy through your workout sessions. If you are putting effort into working out, it only makes sense to put effort into eating right.  If you want results you must feed your body the nutrients it needs to achieve.


Use methods proven to be effective, such as supersets for strength training and HIIT for maximum cardio exercise. They save time and produce maximum results. Supersets involves performing 2 or 3 exercises back to back with no rest. Preferably using accessory (not the compound or major) exercises. Preferably using exercises that work the same muscle groups to create hypertrophy to stimulate muscle growth.

9.  Make Your Workouts Last.

Each workout should be at very minimal 20 mins Optimal time is about 60 mins. Working out for a chunk of time a few days a week is more beneficial than completing several short workout session. Get your rest, you need rest days for your muscles to work at maximum level.

10. Hydrate

Make sure to keep your body hydrated with water, not only while you workout, but also afterwards.  Your body will thank you!


Remember that working out to be healthy is not just about weight loss or being lean. Exercising to get healthy also means that you are actively working the muscle groups in your body and feeding them the right nutrients!


Getting healthy and fit is a continuous journey and you will continually find new information that benefits YOU!


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  1. These are all super important! Especially squeezing the right muscles butttt I’m a bit bias on that haha – in addition to all these awesome tips I would add in is to make sure you give your muscles enough recovery time – but again I’m totally bias hahaha !

    1. Congratulations!! Hope these tips help you get back on track. Strength training was really helpful for me after my second C-section.

  2. When you say hydrate? WHat do you mean by that? Just water or juice as well?. Overall a really good post. Are there any best days to work out? Or how much workout per week we should do? Like Monday-Wednesday, tuesday-thursday, something like that?

    1. Hydrate with water while you workout. Some people lose more electrolytes and could benefit from a post workout Gattorade type of drink. Check out post on How to Structure Your Workout. I think you’ll find answers to these other questions.

  3. These are really great tips. I don’t have a regular work out routine but I do walk a lot. Music makes me move more, and it also uplifts my spirits, especially when it is an old familiar song from the 80s. 🙂

  4. These are some really great tips for staying motivated and getting the most out of your workout. I am always lacking in motivation and give up so easily, I have to workout a lot more. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

    1. Glad you found some useful tips! Patience…in the beginning its helpful to measure your accomplishments by what you are doing rather than your weight. Don’t give up!!

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