Guide for Strength Training + Full Body Workout

**Link for Example of First Day Full Body Workout Plan at end of post. 

Strength or Resistance Training is a great way to get your body in shape, lose weight, and produce long-lasting benefits for your body.  Since it is a different form of exercise than typical running, walking, cardio activities, aerobics, it requires a healthy approach to your lifestyle.


∼ Eat a low to moderate carb diet.  Lowering carbs too much can be taxing on your muscles  and energy.

∼ Eat a healthy meal/snack with healthy carbs and high protein within 2 hours before and again within 2 hours after.

∼ Take rest days. You will have greater benefits from allowing your muscles to regenerate.exercise-841167_960_720.jpg

∼ Use good form. Practice good form with lower weights, your body will thank you!

Then aim to steadily increase your resistance or weight.

∼Practice slow, controlled movements and focus on contracting the muscles.

Moving your body and light weights around is exercise, however you will not produce the same effects.

∼Drink Lots of Water!

∼ Have a plan. Know that it is okay to revise your plan to work better for you.


Keep It Simple. Keep your workouts to your allotted time 30-60 mins. and physical activity. Don’t injure yourself to get through a whole workout plan, next week will be there.

∼Be Consistent with your schedule and with your exercises.

∼Take Your Time. Progress and results don’t always happen on our schedule, but they will happen.

The race to becoming healthy does not have a time record or a competition.  Yes, you will set goals. But don’t be discouraged, if you are putting in the effort, you are most certainly progressing. Your competitor is You. You will be a winner!

The result of using strength or resistance workouts is that your body will burn more calories at all times.  Your body will need a certain amount of healthy carbohydrates for energy. Your muscles will need extra protein for repair, and this extra protein will improve your feelings of fullness.  Your body will become healthier, better able to move, better able to fight off joint, bone, and muscle damage. By adding strength exercises to your routine, you help maintain weight better without muscle loss.



**Workouts are setup so they can be done in the gym or at home.
For Beginner’s, no equipment is necessary, you will start with a bodyweight program.
For Intermediate start with a light, but challenging set of weights.
Here is the workout in a printable planner


Here is a printable blank planner that you can also find on Microsoft Office!



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