Falling off of the Get Healthy Bandwagon

I am going to confess to you that I have been falling off of the Get Healthy Bandwagon.  Sound familiar? Keeping the motivation is not always easy. Nobody is perfect. In one of my previous posts, you can explore some new ideas for motivation. You Can Do This! Belief is Motivation I have seen many people get on and off as frequently as I change clothes. Don’t let that person by YOU!

How could this happen to me? I am writing to you about how to get healthy and how to stay there. As an introvert, I often rely on my own self conscious as  a motivating coach. But lately it’s just not been there.

Of course some may think because I’m just giving up or lost motivation to be healthier. But really it’s just been a conglomerate of life things coming at me at once.  Between kids home in the summer, summer vacation, visiting family, getting kids started in school, and the death of a close family member my  days of being able to drive to the gym have declined.  When I say drive, I mean that in order to get childcare while I workout, I drive to the next town over.  Which = 1 hr. of driving just to workout. You see the endless list of involvement with the kids, which = planning around school schedules.

So I’ve dealt with this before, I should be able to do it again.  But the biggest factor is that I have been suffering from chronic migraines for years and this year I developed occipital neuralgia.  The pain is insurmountable. So I have found a specialist, 3 hours from home. Yes, 3 hours is the closest doctor that actually does her job.  So we have been staying overnight when we go.  More time.  The treatments thus far have not been effective.

As a fit and healthy person, I have tried numerous home remedies with food and keeping up with my fitness.  With no luck in reducing my symptoms.  Since I perform a lot of strength training, family says “maybe it’s how you workout”. Since nothing else has worked (even cutting aspartame), I decided to cut down on heavy moves and just cut down altogether. Just to see. At this point of pain, I have to try everything.

Does this mean I’ve been sedentary? Hell no, I have kids to chase around, a house with endless chores, and cleaning out the house to get ready to sell.  My daily life is far from sedentary.

Does this mean I have given up my healthy diet? Not exactly.  I’m not going to lie, we eat dinner out a lot in times of busyness.  But the rest of the time, I’m eating the same healthy meals.

So have I gained 10 pds and a size of clothing? Hell no! Why not? Living healthy isn’t new and having to battle the battles of life in the midst of a meal plan is not a new phenomenon.  Once you get healthy and achieve your goal, a routine, a lifestyle, and leaner body, it doesn’t just pop like a balloon.

Now someone that is just getting started,  has weight to lose, or many physical healthy problems to battle is going to have a harder time with a little poor decision.  But once you have got there and maintained your health, a vacation, a bout of bad decisions, and ice cream with your kids is not going to be the end of your lean body. And it doesn’t have to be the end of your healthy lifestyle.

That being said, everyone can have some small ups and downs, even healthy & lean people that workout every day.
So if you have fell off, don’t get all down  & out criticizing yourself.  Just realize, THAT IS LIFE!

It happens. Move on. Get back up on the healthy bandwagon and smile like nothing happened!

Now, I do want to share with you that even though I’m not 10 pounds heavier, this falling off has not been good for me.

Reducing workout time and heavy strength moves has not decreased my headaches or any other soreness.
I did not realize how much working out helps me manage Depression.
I do not have more energy, in fact I feel rather sluggish most of the time.
I feel bloated.
I tend to have more swelling or water retention on  my ankles, because this has been controlled with the healthy lifestyle.
I am having more problems with my sleep.
My self esteem is declining.
I still have not had more time for this blog or really anything else, go figure. Probably because I am so sluggish and getting up the motivation to do anything has become more difficult.


If you have also fallen off, GET BACK UP! Here’s some tips to get back on track to being Fit & Healthy

    • Get some accountability with a partner or a facebook group
Put your workout schedule back in place
Reward yourself for following your schedule
Plan your meals and grocery shopping list

Remember you strive for 80/20, so it’s okay to eat some “bad” foods

If you eat off the healthy menu, don’t skip the next meal to make up for calories.  It’s better to eat the healthy meal for better digestion.

Make your music playlist
Be prepared, set all of your gym stuff out the night before
Make a log, log your workouts and meals





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  1. What a motivational post! It is so true that we all get off the healthy bandwagon sometimes and it is OK. That is life for sure! Thanks for keeping it real! I go through some ups and downs too.

    1. We always need to get back up! I hate to see people stay down or beat themselves up for a couple of bad choices. It happens.

  2. As a fellow migraine suffer I have never found either food or exercise to be the cause of my migraines. I tend to make poor food choices in the middle of a migraine and it is difficult to get motivated to exercise. I have developed a do it by the numbers kind of plan for migraines. Get some fresh air – walking the dogs will do and have a protein shake. It may not help the migraine but I don’ t have to feel badly that I was unkind to myself as a result.

  3. Many a times that happens and we juts can’t keep on the motivation when it comes to avoid junk food or exercise. It happens with me many times but then I try working out more the other day.

  4. Don’t give up! Your strength and resolve in the face of tremendous physical pain is already amazing! I would try not to get down on yourself if things slip sometimes. Just, as you said, get back up and try again..and do your best! That’s all anyone can ask of you.

  5. I feel like my whole life is a cycle of falling off and getting back on the healthy wagon. But, falling off is better than never having been on, and if you keep getting back on, you still get a net positive. I’ve kind of similarly fallen off recently, due to some late pregnancy related pain that can’t really be fixed. 🙁 But at least it’s temporary. I hope you find a solution for your pain and are able to get back to doing all you want to.

    1. Well that’s definitely the right kind of reason to take a break. You are so right, the positive thing is that we have been on the wagon and even better we will get back on. Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. I love this. I have had an on again off again relationship with eating healthy and working out. Of course there are times when life gets crazy where you have to eat a few meals out. I’ve noticed that if I portion the take-out food just right I won’t feel so sluggish. I suffer from migraines as well and I cannot do some workouts I used to. Do what works for you, you got this!

  7. Great tips. I recently started plowing away the pregnancy weight and only after I started logging in what I eat and my workout details, I got it in my control.

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