There are a lot of misconceptions and conflicting information about getting healthy and losing weight.  Too often I hear people say they fell off the band wagon because they believed they had to change their life in such a way that depressed them.  For too long we were told that to be healthy, we had to be skinny.  To be healthy we have to cut our calories out.  We can’t eat fat.  We have to stick to a diet program very strictly.  We have to look like the latest fitness model or we’re not really healthy.  We should conform to BMI charts and weight charts. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah

It’s crap, don’t listen to bad advice.

Don’t listen to the latest trends.  They come and go, you want your health to stick.

Don’t cut your calories so low you are hungry and have no energy.

Don’t focus on your calories – focus on what you’re calories are made of – the macros

Don’t cut out all fats, just the unhealthy ones.

Don’t follow a diet program – adjust it to be your own, you know what you like to eat.

Don’t focus on fitness models or local gym models – these people have been in the game awhile and many people out there are taking extra supplements. You won’t gain muscle at their rate, because you are gaining muscle naturally.

Don’t forget to add cheat meals and your favorite treat to your weekly meal planner.  -Yes your numbers will be off, it’s okay. Because you are still happy!

Don’t buy (literally) into programs that are widely advertised – these companies are good at business and marketing, but they’re not necessarily good for long-term progress.

Don’t break your budget – it’s possible to exercise and eat healthy within your budget.

Don’t focus on your weight – there are plenty of healthy people that workout everyday that still carry a couple extra pounds

Don’t focus on what you’re not eating, focus on the new things that do actually like.

Don’t focus on how it will change the appearance of your body too much – it’s inevitable that everyone does this.  But you are still made up of DNA and you just can’t control that.  You do not need your body to be perfect (whatever that is) to be healthy and strong.






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