Medications are the Culprits of Weight Gain

Medications are the culprits of many people's struggle with weight gain. This is a major problem in our society right now. Of course a person that is generally healthy and makes the effort to exercise, should not have that many medical conditions.  However, the environment and genetics get in the way of things. And sometimes we can control it,... Continue Reading →

Ramblings of a Fit Mom Blogger

Today I decided to post a little differently, a little more personally and bloggy.  Since I have started blogging in hopes to share health and fitness information with others' and reach out to some that would really like some motivation & training, I have had good and bad experiences. It's nice to write and it's nice... Continue Reading →

Protein Diet Meal Plan – One Week Sample from My Kitchen

Making a meal plan for a healthy protein diet can seem like a daunting task.  It doesn't have to be. Keep It Simple by sticking to healthy, fresh foods and whole grains you can make a protein meal plan that meets your macros! I am a creature of routine and therefore I simply stick to a few... Continue Reading →

Inflammation Got You Down? Get Up With These Anti-Inflammatory Foods!

Inflammation is an issue for many people.  And when we feel swollen, inflamed, and in pain, sticking to an exercise routine isn't easy.  If it's chronic inflammation, just doing household chores is a burden. Don't let inflammation keep you down. Inflammation is a natural response your body makes to fight off infections, bacteria, and viruses.... Continue Reading →

All the Jazz on Protein, Supplements, Etc……

Should you use protein shakes, supplements, vitamins? It all depends on your body's needs, your activities, and your goals. If you are not exercising, you may not have much of a need for anything other than a multi-vitamin.   Let's start with the basics - VITAMINS What most people should consider? Multi-Vitamin Fish Oil Vitamin... Continue Reading →

YOU CAN DO THIS! Belief is Motivation

The big wall between you and being healthier is Motivation. It's not a secret that everyone that wants to live a full life should make being healthy a priority. You are aware of the many reasons that getting healthy is positive for you, check out some of my older posts for more information. the tricky... Continue Reading →

Mom Power

**Printable at home chore workout guide PDF at bottom of post. Moms want to workout more, but often can't find the time, the energy, the concentration, supplies.  Much of our time is spent taking care of others' and toting along toddlers wherever we go. Especially if you're a stay at home mom, like myself, there... Continue Reading →


Most people have an idea that they want to eat healthier. That you're going to change your diet...soon.  You're going to try some of these new foods floating around on your Facebook fee. You really, really want to, but you won't. Possibly because there's not enough motivation in it.  Or possibly because it all just... Continue Reading →


There are a lot of misconceptions and conflicting information about getting healthy and losing weight.  Too often I hear people say they fell off the band wagon because they believed they had to change their life in such a way that depressed them.  For too long we were told that to be healthy, we had... Continue Reading →

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