BE HEALTHY, what exactly does this mean? If you want to be healthy, you have to decide what that means for you. People might tell me, “I’m exercising and eating better.  Instead of eating a whole lunch, I’m just taking a bag of potato chips to work.  And I’ve been walking on my treadmill, nevermind that a coke sets in the cupholder and my favorite show is on tv.”  Well, that’s not quite what I reach for when I set out to be healthy, but my goals and desires might be very different from yours. Nothing wrong with that.  And hey, maybe this is a lot of progress for your lifestyle.  So if it’s not significantly effecting your health, who am I to judge? Keep up the good work!

YOU have to ask yourself what you want to achieve, what your purpose is, and more importantly how can you make this work for you. It seems that we often set out on this new adventure of dieting and exercising with an idea that we need to mold to the program.  We think we’re going to change from a Roseanne Barr into a Jillian Michaels.  If you are not a fitness enthusiast and enjoy eating what you bake, you are not going to turn into a Jillian Michaels honey.  Guess what, there’s nothing wrong with that.  You have a different lifestyle with different priorities and values. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find a way to be fit and healthy.  Get outside of that box.

The nicely packaged lists of workout and nutrition plans that tell us what we should do are great.  They give us a direction and they’re easy to download.  There is great purpose is using these, because most people don’t have the time to research what when and how.  The problem is that not every item in these boxes work for each of us. But people adhere to them like the carb demons are going to eat them up if they actually eat a bad carb on a no carb diet plan.  This turns into guilt and shame.  Then people just start to lose confidence and motivation.

First of all, why are you going on a no-carb diet!?! Have you ever been in conversation where someone told you this and either person was actually happy about this? If I know that I want carbs in my life and I know that going on such a diet sounds more like a torture plan DON’T DO IT!  I don’t need carb demons in my life in order to eat healthy. The smarter thing to do is to pick a plan that you actually. Or better yet, don’t pick a plan. Pick and choose from those boxes. Develp your own. Of course I don’t want to cut carbs, but maybe I could learn to appreciate some healthier carbs, like oats or brown rice, there’s a whole list.  Pick the ones that you are more likely to enjoy eating.  Moderate the unhealthy carbs, allow them on a weekly basis. Sometimes we need to tweak these boxes to fit our individuality and it works much better if we do this before we start.  Instead of groveling through someone else’s plan, START WITH A YOU PLAN!

FIRST, Think about these Questions:

  • What is your ultimate goal? (to be fit, to look good, to fix your health, to adopt a healthier lifestyle, to raise your kids healthier, etc.)
  • Do you need to eat healthier, exercise more, both?
  • What are some good motivation strategies for YOU?
  • Are YOU ready to commit to yourself?

Next week’s blog will explore good ways to get started or jumpstart 4 weeks of a journey to a healthier YOU!









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