What’s the Secret to Sexy Abs?

By now you've probably seen this question floating around social media, What's the Secret to Sexy Abs? or 6 pack abs? or Beach Body Abs? Then it's usually followed by a workout circuit of several ab exercises...that aren't always very effective. At least not in getting beach ready abs. It is important to strive for good... Continue Reading →


How to Boost Results from Your Workout

After endless days of eating right and completing  your scheduled workouts, you are feeling good right? You should, because you are doing more and more every day to be healthier. But at the end of the month, sometimes we are wondering why the results aren't adding up. You are left wondering if you are really doing the... Continue Reading →


How to Structure Your Workout Plan

Now you know that you need a personalized fitness workout plan.  Where do you start? How do you sort through the various plans already out there? It's not going to be effective to throw together a bunch of exercises you like in a random order.  And it's not going to be effective to continue doing... Continue Reading →


Sorting Through the Get Healthy Tips

With access to array of information it seems that it would be easy to figure out how to get healthy. But we are made differently and need different plans. There is not magic formula.  But since that's what people want, there are a lot of tips, articles and research telling you what to do.  Some of... Continue Reading →


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